OMNI-A0243 Vehicle-Mount Wireless Interception Antenna

The OMNI-A0243?multi-frequency banded antenna is for high-power wireless communications.


Frequency MHz 850 - 2500
Power Handling 100 W
Mass (kg) 1
Size (mm) 0.7
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The OMNI-A0243 multi-frequency banded wireless interception antenna is for high-power wireless communications. It is mounted on an N-type connector base, with a spring for shock absorption and flexibility. An e-glass tube contains the antenna RF board.

The array covers the GSM 900, PCS, UMTS/3G and WLAN bands. Full-specification coverage starts at 850 MHz. A 2-stack array of multi-band dipoles is used to provide gain at these frequencies, with a small down tilt to improve close-in coverage.

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