The OMNI-A0190 is a compact monitoring antenna in the 20 to 6000 MHz frequency band.

Frequency MHz 20 - 6000
Power Handling W
Mass (kg) 1
Size (mm) 0.3
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The OMNI-A0190 is a compact monitoring antenna. Supplied in both active and passive versions, it allows monitoring over the full 20 to 6000 MHz band.

The active version of the antenna includes amplification to help improve sensitivity. The lower cost passive version has no amplification and is more appropriate for use where high incident power levels are expected.

Table-top mounting is used for system demonstrations. Using the supplied base and RF cable, the antenna can be neatly positioned on a table for shows, meetings and demos. The product printing can be customised to suit the client’s requirements.

Mast-mounting with the supplied bracket allows the antenna to be permanently mounted outdoors. The antenna is waterproof and UV stabilised, it can be used as a compact antenna for a permanent monitoring system.

The antenna gain can be characterised if required for field strength monitoring requirements.