The MONO-A0066 is a high-power wideband antenna designed for high power transmit applications in the 100 to 600 MHz frequency band.


Frequency MHz 100 - 600
Power Handling 200 W
Mass (kg) 2.5
Size (mm) 0.5
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The MONO-A0066 is a wideband VHF/UHF vehicle antenna designed for high-power counter-RCIED applications in the 100 to 600 MHz frequency band and recently upgraded for high-power handling and improved gain.

This omni-directional antenna has an excellent radiation pattern, no pattern break-up, and a consistently low VSWR across the entire frequency band. It can handle full rated power continuously at all frequencies, making it ideal for all 100% duty-cycle applications. The stainless steel radiators are equipped with spring mountings to allow whip-action and resistance to impacts and obstructions.

The antenna may be used at frequencies as low as 80 MHz if a higher VSWR and lower gain can be tolerated.

The antenna is designed for direct mounting to ground platform with aid of grounding strap provided.