The MONO-A0022 wideband high-power transmit antenna is designed for full-coverage from 100 to 600 MHz.


Frequency MHz 100 - 600
Power Handling 1000 W
Mass (kg) 15
Size (mm) 0.63
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The MONO-A0022 is a wideband high-power omni transmit antenna and is designed for full-coverage high-power applications and wideband monitoring from 100 to 600 MHz. Housed in a rugged radome, the antenna is mounted either on a vehicle roof or an elevated groundplane.

The antenna element inside the radome has excellent gain and VSWR characteristics over the full-band. No lossy matching network is used, the antenna structure is designed to work over the full frequency range, giving maximum radiation and allowing high transmitted powers to be used.

The antenna can be used for reception at lower frequencies with reasonable gain.

This antenna can be customised if required, for different frequency ranges or greater power handling.