The LPDA-A0076 medium gain wideband directional LPDA antenna covers the frequency band from 225 MHz to 450 MHz.


Frequency MHz 200 - 500
Power Handling 200 W
Mass (kg) < 2
Size (mm) 0.85
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The LPDA-A0076 medium gain wideband directional foldable wire LPDA jamming antenna covers a frequency range of 200 MHz to 500 MHz. It’s optimized for JTRS wideband networking waveforms used in wide area networks, such as SRW & WNW.

This antenna is constructed using a unique wire technology. This makes the antenna lightweight and allows for very compact storage, quick, easy deployment and mounting. The flexible nature of this antenna makes it very easy to collapse the antenna and break off any accumulated ice.

All antenna elements are permanently attached to the boom, to prevent any parts from becoming lost in the field.

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