The DF-A0143 is a wide band (1 – 3000 MHz), ruggedized mobile DF antenna.


Frequency MHz 1 - 3000
Power Handling W
Mass (kg) 4.2
Size (mm) 0.49
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The DF-A0143 is a wideband (1 to 3000 MHz), ruggedized compact DF antenna. It is intended for a variety of vehicular platforms, for example, small tactical vehicles (dune buggies, two or three wheeled vehicles), vans, Humvees and could also be used on airborne structures.

The antenna uses a combination of crossed-loop and Adcock array principle for the various bands. This provides maximum possible sensitivity for its compact form factor. Please note that corrected WW and correlative interferometric DF could be used for enhanced performance.

A dedicated Omni output provides a monitoring capability for signal interception and demodulation.

A cavity inside the antenna houses an integrated band switch. This allows control and calibration circuitry to be integrated into the antenna.