The DF-A0127 is a 3-band, 5-channel DF switch.


Frequency MHz 1 - 3600
Power Handling W
Mass (kg) < 4
Size (mm) 0.317
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The DF-A0127 is a DF 3-band, 5-channel band switch. It is particularly suitable for band selection on our DF-A0123-01 and other DF-A0037 direction finding antennas. The switch is designed to be mounted internally within the weatherproof cavity in the antennas.

The switch comprises five parallel channels, each with input power limiting, ESD protection, low noise amplifier with bypass function and band switch.

An omni channel amplifier module amplifies the three omni channels found in the DF-A0123-01 and diplexes them to feed the 2-channel monitoring receiver. The omni channels have low noise amplifiers with bypass functionality.