The DF-A0070 is a wideband DF antenna suitable for fixed mast-mounted applications.


Frequency MHz 20 - 3600
Power Handling 0.5 W
Mass (kg) 44
Size (mm) 2.3
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The DF-A0070 is a wideband mast mount antenna suitable for fixed DF applications.

The antenna is a hybrid between the compact DF-A0029 and the full-size DF-A0001. It also has a full-size low-band array for best DF performance at low frequencies where the compact array is small. Inside the radome are two pentagonal arrays for the middle and high frequency ranges. Secondary arrays of dipoles and monopoles are combined, to provide omni outputs up to 3.6 GHz.

A cavity inside the antenna, approximately 350 mm wide by 370 mm high, allows an RF switch to be integrated into the antenna, reducing cable loss and weight. The cavity slides open, the switch can be installed by one person, on a mast, without a crane.

A lifting eye is provided at the top for positioning with a crane.