A DF-A0016 crossed-loop/monopole direction finding antenna, with a large diameter of 2 m to achieve a high sensitivity specification.


Frequency MHz 0.3 - 30
Power Handling W
Mass (kg) < 30
Size (mm) 5.2
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The DF-A0016 is a HF DF Loop Array  direction finding antenna for use with Watson Watt method, with a large diameter of 2 m to achieve a high sensitivity. The loops make use of patented cross-polarisation cancelling technology that eliminates disturbances due to cross-polarisation from on-horizon sources. This offers enhanced, reliable accuracy in real-world applications and field trials over traditional crossed-loop designs.

The antenna is collapsible for transport and storage. It is made of aluminium and brass elements and coaxial cable, with aluminium and composite mechanical parts. A lightweight composite quad pod supports the antenna above the ground. The quad pod collapses to a similar size to the antenna.

The required matching, beam-forming and calibration injection circuitry is housed in the base of the antenna.

A complete kit of parts including antenna, Quad pod, RF cables on drums, anchor stakes and alignment sight, is supplied with each antenna. The complete antenna and all accessories fit into the supplied shipping box.