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DF Monitoring Antennas for 20-6000 MHz

Tactical DF Antennas for Urban Warfare

High Gain Omni-Directional Antennas

Versatile Monitoring Antnneas

We’ll see you at the 59th Annual AOC Symposium and Conference in Washington DC

Our Counter-UAS DF Antenna Range

Electrical Hardening: Listening to the whisper while everyone else is shouting

The Importance of Counter-UAS Antennas

High Frequency Antennas from Alaris

Communication Antennas

Large Aperture DF Antennas

Alaris Holdings Purchases UK Based Linwave Technology


Manpack, SWaP, DF Antennas

Innovative Smart Antennas enhance RF capabilities

COJOT Increases Speed of Test Measurement

Increased Scope for COJOT’s UHF Band I Vehicle Antennas

Call to Action: Stop Rhino Poaching

Portable Antennas are indispensable for Electronic Warfare

The DFS-A0245 proves effective for on-the-move and on-the-halt

COJOT signs Frame Agreement with German Armed Forces

How 5G will shape Antennas used in Electronic Warfare

Agility in the Field

Portable antenna selection for today’s tactical communications

High Frequency Wideband Dipole Antennas (RWD125 / 500 / 1000 Range)

mWAVE’s 1.100-1.700 GHz, Dual Circular Prime Focus Feed is an Engineered Solution to Complex Problem

Alaris SPCA Charity Drive: They Need our Help Too

Magnetic Mount Antennas and Accessories

New COO at Alaris Antennas to focus on quality on time

WD560P – New Portable Wideband Antenna

RPDL2-19-N Quad Polarised, Prime Focus Reflector Antenna

COJOT Product Spotlight: Fixed Site Antennas

COJOT: Portable RCIED Wideband Antennas

COJOT PDF Product Catalogue

mWAVE Custom Antenna Research, Design and Testing

COJOT Product Spotlight: Tactical VHF/UHF Vehicle Antenna

Alaris Group Band 3 & 4 MIMO Products

COJOT Product Spotlight: Wideband Dual Port Antennas

New Group CTO at Alaris Holdings

mWAVE’s High Powered CP Wideband Omni Antennas Delivers

Wideband Antennas for all Major Wireless Frequencies


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