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Prime Focus Reflector Antenna

RPDL2-19-N Quad Polarised, Prime Focus Reflector Antenna

mWAVE Industries LLC (mWAVE) recently completed a comprehensive engineering, development, testing and first article build of a 1.400 – 2.400 GHz – 2-ft. (0.6-m) Quad Polarized, Prime Focus Reflector Antenna.  This innovative antenna design utilizes a single RF input configured to H, V, RHCP, and LHCP polarizations by means of a switch network mounted in a weatherproof enclosure located near the antenna. The switch network is controlled remotely by a PLC based control system housed in a second enclosure.  The two enclosures are linked by a 130-ft. (40-m) long control cable enabling the antenna and the switch box to be mounted far up a tower.  The system is commanded by means of a simple web browser GUI using a standard PC. Communications between the PC and PLC happens over standard TCP/IP Ethernet network enabling the possibility of remote operation over a private LAN or even a WAN / internet. The PLC system also offers the capability to integrate the antenna control system with other control systems for fully automated operation.


  • 1.400 – 2.400 GHz
  • 2-ft. (0.6-m) Quad Polarized, Prime Focus Reflector Antenna
  • H, V, RHCP, and LHCP

Product Features:

  • Frequency Band:        1.400 – 2.400 GHz (other bands available)
  • Antenna Type             Quad Polarized, Prime Focus Reflector Antenna
  • Diameter:                    2-ft. (0.6m)
  • Polarization:                H, V, RHCP, and LHCP
  • Note:                           This antenna is fully customizable.

This model is customizable to meet a customer’s specific applications needs. Contact mWAVE or Alaris USA to discuss your requirement and pricing.  

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