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Custom Antenna

mWAVE Custom Antenna Research, Design and Testing

mWAVE’s Custom Antenna Engineering Group are industry recognized professionals with decades of experience in developing antenna and component solutions to meet the rigorous RF, electrical, mechanical and environmental specification requirements needed in today’s most demanding applications.

As the worlds of terrestrial and satellite communication make advances on an almost daily basis, antenna selection for these applications plays an ever more critical role. In many cases, antennas employed are as unique and diverse as the applications that they support. In many instances these types of antennas do not exist as commercial off-the-shelf products and must be developed. This sets up the opportunity to leverage mWAVE’s expertise in a diverse set of antenna technologies to create innovative new designs to fulfill these customers’ needs.

A custom design and development engineering program may have mWAVE’s engineers working anywhere between 100 MHz to over 110 GHz. Terrestrial antenna apertures can range in size from a small patch antenna to 15 ft. [4.6 m] diameter, while satellite earth station can range up to 100 ft. [30 m] or larger.  Other programs may include multipoint, sector base-station, omni-directional or avionic antenna types. In cases when a client needs a solution to a complex issue, the custom team partners with them to develop a set of specifications that meet their system requirements. mWAVE may deliver antenna or component prototypes for trials and will maintain support through the delivery of the final production units and the full lifecycle of the program.

All antenna development programs are supported by mWAVE’s full set of CAD and RF modeling capabilities and are augmented by the indoor and outdoor antenna test facilities that help verify any RF specifications of a custom design solution. These facilities regularly support independent third-party test programs for commercial, governmental and military clientele.

These are many reasons why mWAVE is… Your Partner in Antenna Technology

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