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Innovative Smart Antennas enhance RF capabilities

COJOT Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs) are innovative smart antennas that provide beam steering functionality i.e.; enabling to steer beams with a heightened sensitivity and gain to a particular or multiple directions. With their ability for extremely fast beam switching, our SBAs provide improved performance and enhanced capabilities to RF-Systems used in applications such as:

  • Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS)
  • Tactical communication networks
  • P2P and P2MP networks (C4I, 4G/5G, Public Safety, etc.)

Our SBAs are available for various frequency ranges and at different power levels. The features include 24 individual patch elements that can be configured for various beam modes.

The advantages of COJOT SBAs are:

  • Improved coverage and LPI/LPD
  • Different Beam modes configurable (e.g. wide and omni)
  • Dual polarized solutions for MIMO applications
  • Fully environmental and in-theatre tested mechanical platform supporting mast and vehicle installations
  • Simple and fast field-proven control protocol

Watch this video to see the technical capabilities of our Switched Beam Antenna when used in a C-UAS application for drone detection and countermeasures at an airport.

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