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Wideband Dual Port Antennas

COJOT is introducing a new wideband dual port antenna that combines the advantage of a low visual signature, like in the WBC2300, with the capability for an extended frequency range from 20 to 6000 MHz, like in the WBC256. This new antenna, called WBC2600M, has been developed to provide a more cost-effective ultra wideband solution with enhanced robustness and improved lead time requirements.

Wideband Dual Port Vehicle Antenna (20 – 6000 MHz) 

dual port

The WBC2600M is targeted towards high power ECM and C3I applications. This antenna is well suited for applications where a multiple antenna set-up is not possible, or antenna co-location problems may occur. 

  • Two antennas integrated in the same mechanics
  • High band, ground plane independent antenna positioned at the top for optimum coverage
  • High power rating, more than 300 W in total

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Our broad range of dual port and multiband antennas provide a reliable solution for various frequency bands and different platforms:

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Dual Port

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