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Wideband Antennas for all Major Wireless Frequencies

COJOT offers wideband antennas for the 400 – 6000 MHz range that provide an ideal solution to different kind of applications and for various types of installation environments – covering wireless technologies like 5G, LTE, LINK-16, WLAN & ISM 2.4GHz & 5 GHz and WiMAX.

Compact NATO / US Pattern Mount Vehicle Antennas
WB460M: 430 – 6000 MHz, 100 W

The WB460M is a highly compact, lightweight and low-profile vehicle antenna that is ideally suited for communication and ground-to-air applications like LINK 16.

  • Excellent upward radiation performance
  • High gain over the entire frequency range 
  • NATO / US pattern mount
WB425M: 400 – 6000 MHz, 200 W

The WB425M is a highly compact vehicle antenna that is very well suited for jamming and monitoring applications.

  • High power rating, 200W
  • Optimal horizontal coverage 
  • Light antenna with NATO / US pattern mount
Compact Magnetic Mount Vehicle Antenna
WB460M: 420 – 6000 MHz, 200 W

The WB460W is a magnetic mount antenna for applications where a quick antenna setup and removal is required or where a permanent installation is not desired.

  • Ideal operation in the UHF / SHF bands
  • High power rating, starting from 200W
  • Reliable and durable magnetic mount for temporary installations in ECM, Monitoring and Comms applications.
Portable Antenna with Shock Absorption Spring
WB460Q: 420 – 6000 MHz, 40 W

The WD460Q is a rugged, high performance manpack antenna that does not require a ground plane for proper operation. The antenna is particularly suited for portable communication and jamming applications.

  • Effective coverage of the entire frequency range
  • Rugged antenna construction with shock absorption spring

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