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Alaris SPCA Charity Drive: They Need our Help Too

The SPCA is an essential service to animal welfare.  The COVID pandemic saw many welfare organisations struggle to keep those entrusted to their care at the same or similar level of comfort they had prior to the lockdown. The focus on human welfare over the last few months has resulted in a reduced focus on animal welfare.  For organisations like the SPCA, community support is the only option for much needed funding and basic requirements.

The staff of Alaris Antennas a subsidiary of the Alaris Holdings group of companies heeded the call to help our furry friends in need.  The company went on a drive to collect food and blankets that were handed over to the SPCA in Midrand which is about 12km from their offices in N1 Business Park.


Some of the items donated by the staff

 Despite the challenges faced by the Midrand SPCA much effort is given to caring and ensuring that the animals are fed and protected and most of all loved.


The items were inspected and deemed appropriate by this adorable furry inspector

“Alaris is a company that cares about all living things.  Once a quarter, our people choose a cause and provide the support needed.  In these challenging times, we still want to make a difference to all in our community” said Gisela Heyman, MD of Alaris Antennas.

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